Monday, October 29, 2012

Made it! But my bag... well, it didn't.

Well! I made it. One piece. But one piece missing. Hmmmm. What could that be? My 70L piece of checked luggage? Correct!

Having said that, I'm happy.  It was a reality check not having the bag, and a moment of "Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me to make sure my carry-on luggage has enough to get you by for a few days! Well - I'm good for clothes and a toothbrush and 5 days of underwear... but no shampoo, no razors, no make up type stuff, no brush, no toothpaste, no clothes besides about two outfits, etc.  Luckily, they have located the bag. It's still at LAX! As the guy in the Sydney airport said: "Oh bugga!" Oh bugga is right.

Needless to say, I carried on.  I got myself to Melbourne, and got a bus ticket to the YHA Hostel I plan to be at for the next few days.  The driver even gave me four extra tickets in a hush hush kind of way that are worth $17 a pieces "just in case" I needed to boogie around Melbourne! Making friends, as always.

The hostel I am staying at is in a great spot.  Walking distance from places I need to be in the next few days, which I fantastic.  Exploring downtown in any city by foot is always a hoot!

Looks like a dorm, huh? I bought a 10 day YHA pass which ends up saving me lots of money, and can be used at any of the 100 locations across Australia. They'll be used up quickly I'm sure!

Since I didn't have shampoo or anything, and the best case scenario is for my bag to be here tomorrow (CROSS YOUR FINGERS!), I just hopped in the shower for a freshen up and man did it feel good after those flights!  Threw my hair up in a bun, chucked on an outfit, and here I am at McDonald's about five blocks away using horrible wifi... but it's free, so I make do. Chicken nuggets taste the same here in case you were wondering. Whaaaat?! I needed something in my stomach while I let myself unwind from the last 30 hours and write this blog! :)

So I have a few important emails to send with regards to my bank appointment tomorrow, and for my teaching recruiters here.  Other than that, a chill night with a book and some music and my two "roommates" from France, Laura and Marie is about what the Doc ordered for me for tonight.


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