Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making Friends

So here’s a goody! While sitting in McDonald’s yesterday afternoon eating my 10 piece McNugget meal, a girl who was clearly a European traveler was waiting for the bathroom to become free – but was waiting at the wrong door and looked confused… So I said, “bathroom?” and pointed around the corner to a door she couldn’t see with a little women’s bathroom sign. She smiled and said thank you.  While she was doing her business, I thought, “well she looks friendly. Maybe I’ll ask her about internet connections here and where else there is free wifi since this McDonald’s wifi is garbage.”  So I did. She was so friendly, and told me she had actually only just arrived to Australia two days prior.  She sat down, and we totally became friends! Hahaha! The power of friendly travelers.  Her name is Jo, and she is from Sweden, and is here on a working holiday visa like myself. We talked about why each of us are here, and what we plan to accomplish.  She has been dating a guy from New Zealand for the last two and a half years, and he’s coming to meet her here next week.  They have very similar plans to mine, except hers don’t include teaching.  We both want to work in agri/farming to extend our visas and she told me that there’s actually an option in certain parts of Australia right now that you can also get paid as well as have your visa extended because it’s harvest time!  Definitely exploring this when I get more situated.  Still wishing my backpack was here, although I am not overly worried. Yet.

We talked about all kinds of things.  When it came time for her to head to the supermarket, she asked where my hostel was.  Turns out it was right where she was going to be walking to catch the tram home.  So we went to the supermarket called Cole’s, and I bought some fruit and granola bars and soup and godddaaammmnnnit I felt like I was in first year again, in rez! But I love it.  It’s quite different but quite refreshing too. At 10am I’m meeting her at Federation Square, which is 6 blocks from my hostel, and we are going to a beach by bus for a few hours!  I will be posting pictures for sure! Apparently at night, there’s penguins out on the wharf!  I will have to return at night time I guess! 

I am excited to be in Melbourne, although I want my bag to get here and I want to get my TFN (social insurance number equivalent) soon, so I can start working and making money.  I have a bank appointment at 3pm, so will be back from the beach in time to get that accomplished, then I have no idea what’s up for the evening.

I can’t promise such frequent entries for my entire adventure, but I will try!  I can whip these little stories up in 5-10 min and it’s fun to share!

More soon!

Love! xoxox

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