Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Great day, and it got even better!

Today ended up being great!  I met Jo at Federation Square, about 20 minutes walking from the hostel I’m staying at.  We met up at 10am, and took one of the trams to one of the beaches here in Melbourne.  The tram took around a half hour, and took us through some neat side streets and we saw some neat houses and buildings! The beach was beautiful.  There was a huge beach volleyball club out practicing which was neat! Dozens of them, all dressed the same.  

The weather was slightly overcast today, a little humid, but about 26C so who can complain about that? We sat on the beach for about an hour, then decided ice cream was necessary! (My kind of friend!!) We walked along the board walk, and each got a drumstick, before sitting on a ledge to enjoy them while watching families and their dogs play in the water.

We made our way back to the tram and back into the city center before parting ways, verbally agreeing to meet back at Federation Square again tomorrow at 2pm to go to the “other bigger better” beach!  We both laughed at how old school, yet refreshing, it is to just verbally agree on meeting somewhere and hoping it works that we can both be there, without having telephones, internet, or texting devices to use to confirm passed the “see you tomorrow!” 
I had my bank appointment today to pick up my bank card and to set up my three banking accounts here for my year or two in Australia.  Next and final step is my TFN (SIN equivalent) which can be done online, and I’m set!  Jo and I talked also about the farming/agri work again today, and are looking into it more in the next few days.  She’s as determined as I am to work and make some coin this summer. 

Being anonymous in a new city is lovely.  Some find it scary, but I quite enjoy it.  I haven’t gotten lovely yet, and that may come – but for now, I’m totally enjoying being on my own timetable, doing what I need to and what I want to, when I want to! I still can’t believe how calm I’ve been about my “delayed” (not lost!) bag, that’s supposed to be here within the next two days.  It is a pain in the ass, especially because it has: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, face stuff, tampons, toothpaste, and make-up, etc.  I am so glad I packed a few outfits and tampons and my toothbrush at the least, because tampons alone are upwards of $30-40 a box!  Toothbrushes are pricey too.  I bought a little tube of toothpaste for $5, because I couldn’t go another minute with hairy teeth. 

After the bank, I wandered around for another 4 hours. I made my way all over Melbourne, including all the way up to the State of Victoria Library where I snagged some free internet time on a computer there.  That building is HUGE!  So old and so beautiful!  I walked home, and on my way home, stopped at a place called Pie Face! It's a big thing around here and apparently it's a local favourite.  It's all about PIES! Meet pies, chicken pies, thai pies, curry pies, veggie pies, chocolate pies, everything pies!  I had one! They all have different faces on them, depending on what kind the are! It's pretty unique!

JUST HAD A KNOCK AT THE DOOR! GUESS WHO'S HERE?! MY BAG! Day is complete. Time for bed. I'm wiped! This jet lag is officially kicking my ass! :) 



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